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I'm a winner! I won this book from Cop Mama's blog! I'm pretty excited to read it- it sounds interesting. I'm a firm believer that only the mama knows what's best for her child, and it sounds like this book just reinforces that.

Random change of subject, the Insanity workouts are going good. It's getting hard to get up at 5 and by Friday I'm usually dragging! But I can tell I'm in much better shape than I was 3 weeks ago. I just can't seem to EAT enough. I wear my heart rate monitor while working out and it consistently says between 320-400 calories per 40 minute workout. Yikes- I know why I'm famished!

The third random thing is that we got a puppy. Don't judge me. (This makes 3 dogs in our house). We have an 8 yr old lab mix and a 6 year old golden retriever. A few months ago, good friends of ours, (whom we stay with once a month when I travel for photography to Nebraska) brought a puppy home from a retreat she was on at an Indian Reservation. They spayed & vaccinated her, crate trained her & then realized that their lives were much too busy to be the kind of pet owners they wanted to be or that she deserved. So they tried to find her a home and I think they knew pretty early on that I was kind of in love with her. :) (In fact I had posted about her here) It didn't take too much time to convince my husband (I may or may not have begged like an 8 year old...) and she's been with our family a week. She's so SMART! The last 7 days I have taught her sit (she had a pretty good handle on that from her foster family), lay down, stay, 'pound it', and 'bang' (I shoot her with my finger and she goes belly up.) She also is very good at fetching (including dropping the ball at your feet) and she's getting mostly house broken (we learned quickly that 'crate trained' & 'house broken' aren't the same!)
Sweet Wanbli (it means 'Eagle').... Welcome to our crazy family!




I'm so sore I can barely move. I blame facebook. Here's why...

A friend had inquired on her status about the Insanity workout program. Brett & I did it last summer, so I gave my two cents. She asked if we could use my DVD's and do it together. I agreed. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb. A group of 5 of us started on Monday morning at 5:30 a.m.
My muscles hurt so bad that I can hardly move today. There is such a thing as a good sore. This is not it. However it has also made me really conscious of my food choices during the day because I think "I can't eat that! I didn't get up at 5:00 this a.m. to only eat those calories back with this!" So I'm thankful for that. I had been doing really good with my food choices and working out, until later this summer when I started slacking. I'm so glad to have the motivation to get up and get back to it! :)
Otherwise, October is mega-busy for photography business (hello, Christmas card pictures!) and so I'm traveling again this weekend to do more pictures in Nebraska.
We've also been very busy with a 3 year old who started dance this fall. I love, love, LOVE tiny tutu'd toddlers! I love my child in a way I sometimes don't even fully understand.
I'll leave with a picture of her... This one makes my heart so happy!


Photography Blog

I just wanted to let everyone know of my photography blog page- I'll be posting my contest entries (as well as business related give-aways) over on that site from now on. I'll be keeping the information here "personal" and the stuff there "professional". :) Feel free to check it out and comment there! :)


(PS I guess this means that I'll need to post more personal content HERE, huh?)


Touch of Sun

Another contest entry for i heart faces! This week's theme: a touch of sun. This picture was taken a couple weekends ago at a wedding I shot in Canon City Colorado. As the sun was setting the bride & groom had snuck out of their reception to have a quiet moment and watch the sun set over the mountain. I snuck out on the patio to capture this:

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Another fantastic week at i heart faces! The theme this week is "white".

This is a favorite from a session last week- isn't she beautiful?

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This photograph is an entry for Rocktheshotforum.com silhouette contest. It was taken last fall, of my husband and our daughter while we were out for a nature walk. It was edited with an action called "Dim the lights" which really lends itself to silhouettes. Check out all the fabulous entries by clicking on the link!