Oh, Yes it IS!
Not me Monday....

You know when you see those families in Wal.Mart or some other discount store, dragging around two carts full of junk and a dirty kid? Last week, that was most certainly NOT ME. Because I swore upon my life I would never, ever let myself be that mom. Even if we were faced with the task of getting gobs of groceries for my husband's graduation party, and since Madigan has learned to crawl the front of all of her outfits is filthy.... I would be sure to change her, and never utter the words "She's not that dirty...let's go!" And I would SURELY find a way to cram paper products, buns, meat, chips and the other necessities into one cart, so that my dear husband and I wouldn't need two. Because that's just white-trashy, right?
I also would NEVER let my child drink pop. Because she's only 10 months old. Even if it would have been on accident, you know? A good mom would NOT be so distracted by "Ace Of Cakes" that her daughter could actually find a straw in a diet mountain dew and take a giant chug. NOT ME! And when realizing what was going on, I most certainly would not have wondered if she drank the pop to wash the taste of the dog food out of her mouth that she had tried to eat ten minutes earlier. Because in my perfect life, with my perfect parenting skills, this would most certainly not happen here.
You know those parents who go to the Urgent Care clinic for something that has been going on with their child all day? Most definitely, absolutely NOT ME. Because as a nurse, I know better. I wouldn't leave work to stay at home with my daughter who was sent home from daycare for "vomiting", and try to convince myself it was a one-time deal. Only to nurse her, feed her lunch, and have her promptly and quite forcefully vomit on me at exactly 5:00 pm when the clinic closes. Because then I'd have to pack her up, and take her into the clinic where I'd would be forced to explain that she's been sick all day but I thought that 5:30 pm was the best time to bring her in. (and then, I would most certainly NOT contemplate leaving when I saw that Dr. Whistles Annoyingly was the doc on-call.) Here's the run-down on that waste of $40.
Patient Complaint Form: Lethargy, Temp >102, projectile vomiting, no wet diapers
Doctor Whistles Annoyingly: She has a runny nose. Looks like a cold!
Me: So what about the projectile vomiting and no wet diapers then?
Doc WA: Babies puke when they have post-nasal drip.
Me: ??? (Taken quite aback) Uh, and then the temp of 102?
Doc: Tylenol is good.
Me: So, what did the lab-work you did show?
Doc: No swine flu!! hahahahahaha (quite funny, he is)
Me: And the Blood Count?
Doc: FINE! Oh, wait, (shuffling through the chart) Her bands are elevated. Here's a script for antibiotics.
Me: antibiotics for a "cold"?
Doc: no, for the bacterial infection she has.
Me: bacterial infection of WHAT?
Doc: her nose.
Me: (mouth open) Uh... So... the plan ... would be?
Doc: Tylenol and antibiotics. She'll get over the cold quickly. Give her a tablespoon of Pedialyte now, then wait a half hour and give her TWO tablespoons.
Me: Riiiiggghhhttt. Thanks so much. Buh-bye.
Somewhere in there he did manage to tell me that he and his wife have picked their favorite grandchild, and coincidentally, they have the SAME favorite grandchild. Seriously.
Because I'm fairly sure I wasted $40 dollars of a co-pay to have a guy who must have drawn the short-straw and been forced to cover the walk in clinic tell me that my febrile, lethargic, vomiting daughter has a cold. I'm glad he clarified that she didn't have swine-flu from her CBC, because I'm sure he's had a ton of people through his clinic concerned about a Hamthrax outbreak. SHEESH. What a Monday!


Title Me This...

If ever a picture needed a caption, this is the one. Miss Madigan was not impressed with her purse, or her mama clapping for her, or her daddy taking a picture of it all. Any suggestions? 



(Yes, I had to spell check that title)
Since our last few weeks have been so busy, here is a grab-bag of the highlights:

Guess who is standing up!! She doesn't last long (especially when she knows she solo) but she is standing by herself very steadily. Yes, I know that means walking is next. Bittersweet... But she's a big girl now! :)

I also had my very first mother's day! Somehow, I didn't get ANY pictures during the day. But I did get a free ice-cream cupcake from Cold Stone Creamery just for being a mom. I'll take it! they're delicious!! I also got a Tahitian-black pearl necklace.... good job, honey!Madigan and Grandma played at the park over Brett's graduation weekend. It was beautiful weather!She LOVES the swing at the park. Her cousin Will spent a lot of time playing with her and pushing her very nicely in the swing. Cousins! Will, Max, and Madigan in the park. She's still not sure about grass... notice that she doesn't want to put her right foot down in it. She's slowly getting used to it...

The Gatherin!!! We went back to the Gatherin' the first weekend of May in WaKeeney. This was a pic of my dad piping. Brett and my brother Ben (hermano en fuego) scraped up two ringers and actually won their division (for the third year in a row!) Want to see more pictures? Click HERE!

We also went SWIMMING! Little miss Madigan, in her strawberry swimming suit, enjoyed her time in the water at the YMCA. She is a natural, I think she'll be on the swim team when she's older!Brett finally GRADUATED!! Hooray!! :) We are so proud of him. He has his Bachelor's Degree in Business (Comprehensive) with an emphasis in Finance. He is employed by Midway Chrystler/Dodge here in Kearney. (They also have a sister-store that sells Chevy's). So if you need a new (or used) vehicle, please think of him!
Free Range Photography had another shoot! Meet Miss Shayne Autumn (and her proud mommy Lisa). You gotta love squeezy little newborns...
Madigan also started drinking cow's milk mixed with her mama's milk bottles. So far I've met 4 people who support this change! (Madigan, Brett, me, and Madigan's pediatrician) Yes, I know she's not the "magic" 12 months. Do any of you know babies who had cow's milk before 12 months and survived? *wink*wink* 
Speaking of that "Magic" 12 month mark, I'm open to any ideas of a "theme" for her first birthday party! After all, I only have a matter of weeks to plan this!!


"Not Me! Monday"

I have fallen captive to a blog phenomenon....
If you ever clicked on little Stellan's Mama's blog (the little guy with heart problems I blogged about a while back) then you might have come across her daring invention called "not me! monday" Where mama's all over can confess about their "not me!" moments...
Here are a couple of mine!

First off, I absolutely would NOT put the most adorable picture of my daughter at the end of this post, just so you keep reading. That would be egocentric and that's just not me....

I most certainly did not leave Madigan's diaper off after her bath last week to air out her bum. And if I would have, I surely did NOT turn around in time to see her hunker down and poop on the floor as Brett went diving for it with an open diaper to spare the carpet. Because then we wouldn't have had a conversation about poop-catching vs poop-pile-picking-up. 

I also did not volunteer to drive the 3 hours back from our parent's house this weekend so he could deal with the fussy baby in the back seat. That would just be bad parenting, right? Not me!
It was also NOT ME who hung up on the doctor's nurse this week because we had the most redundant conversation ever. I most surely would not call to get advice from my doctor, only to have a nurse tell me "you'll have to discuss that with your doctor." Because I actually called to do JUST THAT very thing, and you won't let me talk to him... A good christian woman (and a nurse at that!) would never, ever be rude to another nurse on the phone. Not this mom!
Anyone else want to 'fess up to their less than stellar mom moments?