March is Gone!

We've been staying busy, as always! Brett is counting down the days until graduation and has had a series of interviews that he seems really interested in. Let's pray the companies he's interviewing with feel the same way about him! I have been staying busy with the cath lab and my new "official" photography business. That's right- I'm "official" now and have been doing jobs on the side.... I might post a blog on that later this week. 

But we all know you don't stop by this page to hear about Brett & I....

 We have such a busy little girl! Now that she is doing everything but crawling, we have fun chasing her all over. She doesn't "traditionally" crawl, but she rolls or scoots everywhere, then pulls herself up to get things (like remote controls or cell phones). As you can tell by this picture, the poor baby has nothing at all to play with. Just sticks and rocks...

Here's a pic of Giana, Madigan, & Ryleigh at snack time during our last play date! The more the girls start moving, the less chatting the mommies get to do! There is 10 days between Madigan (the oldest) and Ryleigh (the youngest) with Giana splitting the difference. We get together every Tuesday night to play and chat and make plans for the weekends. 

Madigan really, Really enjoys her sweet potatoes. A LOT

We let her "feed herself" one night. Can you tell how excited she was about that? That night also happened to be bath night... I bet you can't guess why. 

I had to laugh because Brett could hardly stand to watch her make that mess at dinner, and I loved watching her get her hands dirty in food! He wouldn't even hold her until after the bath was done. I think I really want her to love food and cooking as much as I do- and her grandma and MY grandma did... 

Most importantly, we have a happy, healthy little 9 month old. 

A Beautiful one at that.

But we might be a bit biased.....


For those so moved...

For anyone who feels so moved, click on the link to the right, titled "Praying For Stellan". 
No, I do not personally know this family- I actually found her website from a friends page, and loved her photography. Now her son (and family) really need some prayers... 
So if you feel moved from their story, pray.
I know we have been.


"St Patrick's Day" Post

I believe you were promised a St. Patrick's day post, were you not?
To quote myself... 
"Look for the big St. Pats day post later this week to see what the lil Irish Girl has up her sleeve..."
Well.... lets see. Here's how Patty's day went for us. 
I got up and went to work. 
Brett got up, got the lil leprechaun dressed in her beautiful green shamrock dress and took her to daycare, where all the daycare ladies appropriately oohed and aahed over her. 
Then they fed her lunch in the high chair. 
Where she pooped her pants. 
And dress. 
And chair. 
You get the picture...

She was not amused.

Neither were the daycare workers who had to scrub out her dress and chair. But trust me, they're used to her by now. When this girl goes #2, she does NOT mess around. 
So we have no "new" pictures to post about SPD '09. 

But if you're looking for pictures of the kiddo, here's a sneak peak at her Easter dress.

And bonnet. 

That I made...


Have a great week!


A week in review:

Here are a few things the Hille's have been doing...

First, we had an anniversary!

Four wonderful years! 
Brett made this "Strawberry Bouquet" for me, since 4th anniversaries are traditionally "fruit" or "flowers". Nice job, honey- sure beats the "ShamWow" you got! :)

Then, we washed a baby in the sink. 

Scrub the baby, scrub a pot.
Make sure you rinse those dishes off good baby doll!

Believe it or not...

...Lauren got a bit dramatic about her new power wheels car!

Most fun of all the whole week... 

The weather was so nice...

We went on a wagon ride!
We smiled, laughed and giggled the entire time!

Hope your week was as good as ours was!!
Look for the big St. Pats day post later this week to see what the lil Irish Girl has up her sleeve...


Photo-torial: Eggs

Lately one of our favorite meals is boil-in-a-bag omelets. Follow along if your interested:

First you put the baby in the high chair with a star stuck to her nose. This keeps her entertained while you cook. Second, you put 3 eggs into a FREEZER quality bag (that's important, trust me!). Add salt and whatever fixin's you find omelet-enhancing. Yum!

Then you squoosh up the eggs, salt and ingredients until well blended. Squoosh away! Don't be shy!! 
Squeeze all the air out, zip them tight and then drop them into a pot of boiling water. (Full boil- don't turn the heat down).  

Next you use the time you would have spent at the stove to entertain the baby who may or may not have found and eaten afore-mentioned star. Sing silly songs-use a jar as a megaphone-sing, dance and be silly. Babies love that.Boil about 7 minutes, pull them out and give them a good shake to get the uncooked middles to the outside. Boil about 5 more minutes, then snip the top, and flop onto a plate and enjoy! (This recipe can be made without the baby involved, but where's the fun in that?)

Looks like she still hasn't found it!


March-ing right along...

Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the cutest of them all?

Well, I'm pretty sure that Madigan knows the answer to that question... 

We spent our Saturday morning at the Kearney Area Children's Museum. What an awesome facility!  I met with some other Kearney Mommies for a "play-date" and I didn't think that 
there would be much for Madigan. Boy, was I wrong!! She loved it! 

Besides the corner mirror, she loved the tea-
table that her little friend Giana sat at with her. 
She also had a ball in the padded ring. They have one like this at daycare and for some reason she thinks it's just the best thing ever. 

We had a great time, and she came home and crashed hard into an afternoon nap... allowing me time to update this site. The more mobile she gets, the less time I have to take or upload pictures... 
I also took a few St. Patty's day pictures, so here they are:
 Brett and I have the discussion every day... "Is that a little bit of red in her hair?" Well, Grandma Joyce would probably think so... :) This little Lassie might just have a touch of the Irish in her after all...