Dirty Girl!

The fun thing about summer is being able to play in the dirt while sitting in the sunshine. In fact, sunshine and dirt are two of Madigan's favorite things. Next to purses and shoes, of course. 
Brett is pretty sure that Madigan's earliest childhood memories will involve her mother with a camera stuck to her face, but my child will definitely not be able to say we have no photographs for her to take to school with her for show & tell. 

So as miss Madigan sat in the sunshine & played in the dirt, I happily snapped away with my new camera. 
Because even a dirty baby can be a happy baby! 


Free Range Updates...

Because a blog chalk full of pictures, is a fantastic blog:

Kyler, you give me baby fever! Until I remember 2 a.m. feedings and sleepless nights. Then, not so much. But almost! (We had to get his daddy's navy hat in a picture!)

Sweet little baby lips and cheeks make me want to just kiss and squeeze them! Oh, so sweet!

Don't forget Graeden! He was a handsome little charmer too! Sweet little boys are always fun to take pictures of.

Especially sweet little boys who have sweet little brothers... then it's just fun fun fun! His little brother Hudson is as handsome as they come! 
Don't forget to head on over to my "official" page:
www.FreeRangePhoto.NET, because it's full of updates, pictures and other exciting things!


Busy Busy Girl! Madigan had a play-date at the park with her 2 besties Ryleigh (in purple) and Giana (in blue). We know we can only get away with the matchy-matchy outfits for so long- so we went for it! It is dang near impossible to get a picture of 3 one-year-olds in the same place. This is about as good as it gets! 

Madigan is all about her purse and baby doll. Everywhere she goes, there is sure to be a purse and baby not too far behind. She looks like a grandma in this picture, because she is wearing her granny house dress and toting around a bag.

Last weekend we went to WaKeeney to see the family, and talked Grandma Amy into going down the 2 story water slide. There were 2 lifeguards there to catch her at the bottom! She has a wild hair since her stroke! :)

You know who else was at Grandma Amy's and Papa Randy's house? Cousin Lauren!! They shared some love in the tub. Lauren is always a great cousin and plays so nice with Madigan.

You know who DIDN'T have a ton of fun? Brett, after he landed in the pool. 
Trust me, he was not able to pull something acrobatic out of this maneuver. 
He is STILL hurting today from how he landed in the water. 
We all appreciate his effort, though!


This Is Summer!


...Is what summer...

...is ALL about!