Happy Thanksgiving!

If you didn't smile when you saw this turkey, you just might not have a heart!! This was courtesy of her daycare, sent home in her "box" on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. It's a classic- something I know we'll pull out of her baby book and smile about. We laughed quite a bit when we got it. She is a turkey! We spent T-day in Phillipsburg with Grandma & Grandpa Gibbs. Madigan did pretty well but having to entertain all those people sure did wear her out! We are heading home this weekend for the annual lighting of the Christmas tree in WaKeeney. Maybe if the weather permits, Madigan can meet santa! :) We hope you all had an enjoyable thanksgiving day as well! 


Just checking in...

I'm not sure if I've put this little clip on before or not, but it's just a clip of her sitting in her bumbo seat. Too cute! We're excited to see all our family over Thanksgiving. There is still a few family members that Madigan hasn't met yet that we're excited to introduce her to! Also, Madigan rolled over this week for her daddy! She'll be on the move soon. We have one of her Christmas outfits all together, thanks to Grandma Dana's fashionable taste! :) I say ONE of because I think she'll end up with three Christmas outfits... Hey, a girl can't be seen in the same dress for the whole holiday, can she? Here's one last pic to leave you with... She's enjoying her new exersaucer courtesy of Grandma & Grandpa Gibbs! She really loves her little seat with all the activities on it- especially the mirror so that she can lick that other baby who keeps staring at her!! We hope you're all doing well and have a happy Thanksgiving! Love, The Hilles


Where did Nov go?

Where has November gone? Wow... I can't believe how fast it has gone by already. Soon it will be Christmas! Honestly, I'm excited for the holidays again. Somehow adulthood only causes stress around the holidays, but now that we have a fresh perspective and a new set of eyes to look through, I think that it might actually become a "magical" time again. I have the best memories from my childhood around the holidays- the old felt advent calendar, baking cookies, and caroling with the youth group (yes, I know "oh Christmas tree" in German!!)  So I hope I can help re-create something like that for Madigan. She has her 3 month pictures back. I will post a couple just because she's so cute! 

We have been back to WaKeeney this past weekend so Madigan could play baby Jesus for dad's church Christmas photo program. It was fun to see all the family again! I think the next big family event will be Turkey Day!