Where do I begin?

Sheesh, it seems like I haven't blogged about "real" stuff in a long time- where to begin?
Maybe with our move across state borders...
A few months ago, I applied (on a whim) for a job in a cardio-thoracic surgeon's office. I had 2 interviews to follow, and was offered the job! We relocated to Kansas, where Brett was also hired as a loan officer. Madigan started daycare full time this week, Brett & I are both working and getting into the swing of things. This move back "home", our new jobs- it's all seems to be working out with some new, exciting plans that we have for our family... ;)
My brother is being deployed to Kuwait. This is his second tour in the middle east, and we are praying every day for his safe return! I captured this picture of Madigan kissing him at his deployment ceremony, and it just fills my heart every time I see it :

I love her squished up nose and her fist-full-of-face. I entered it into the pixel perfect blog's annual photo contest. If it even makes it to the point where you can vote for it, I'll post a link.

I also found out that several of my "in real life" friends actually read this blog! Hello, Friends! Feel free to comment... :)


IHF: Orchards

Week 42 at i heart faces theme is "In the Orchard" and boy are we sure lucky!
That trip to the apple orchard paid off in photography and in apples.
Madigan was SO excited when we visited- she has been to several "farms" and so it seemed natural for her little brain to call this place an "Apple Farm"!
She walked so slowly up and down the rows of trees, and finally picked a big apple off a bottom limb and bit right in!
I love this picture because you can see the little smile on her face, the full cheeks, and the juice running down her chin. As soon as she could speak, she said "It's so... juicy!"
I know at age two, she's still too young to be able to remember this day herself, but it will be one of my "forever memories" of her childhood.

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PP Before/After Hop

I (obviously) love photography blogs, I love learning everyone's techniques and getting ideas from other photographers to use in my own practice. One blog I always read, Pixel Perfect, hosts a before/after blog hop that I love to look at but rarely (if ever?) have participated. The concept is to post your straight out of the camera shot, then your edited shot with an explanation of how you got the finished product. The one I'm posting today is a six-month old and his parents. It was one of the first "Fall" days and I felt like I could either "edit out" the tiniest bit of sun flare in the upper left corner, or work it to make it "feel like fall". Here's the "before":

I used PSE 6 and a Pioneer Woman action called "Sunshine" (you can download it FREE from her, by the way!) to get this result:
I feel like it warms up the shot and gives it that Autumn feeling that I remember from that day's photo shoot!


Picture Post

"If you can give your son or daughter only one gift, let it be enthusiasm."