Burns Night!

Madigan had her first Burns' Night! Fun was had by all. 
Here is our "Family Picture". Madigan was wearing her first kilt, which matches her dad's kilt and my skirt. 
There was also a bagpipe rendition of "Madigan's March" which my dad wrote and Paul played seconds on. (Never mind the confusion with the second verse...) It was very good! And of course, Madigan loves having grandpa write songs about her. One poor hunter who happened to be a witness to the evenings events stopped Brett & said "Is this whole thing all about the baby?"  YES! Ok, well- No. Brett was
 kind enough to explain who Robert Burns was, but I would have just said "yes" and kept walking...  We enjoyed it quite a bit. (Maybe Brett enjoyed it too much- we couldn't get him out of bed before 10 the next day...

Saturday we went to Hays and finally saw Suzanne & Willy's new house. I want to steal Suz's kitchen! I'm not sure how I got out of there without any pictures... but Madigan played hard with her cousins and I think she has quite the sweet spot for her cousin Max especially! 
Thanks to her cousins, we now have a jumperoo, and quite a few new toys to keep her entertained. I will try to upload a video later in the week of her in the jumperoo- she has gotten the hang of it, and is very impressed with herself!
Madigan loves to watch me cook in the kitchen- she needs to be right up in the mix, banging spoons and grabbing for everything that comes past her. Usually I let her just smell the ingredients, but last week, I gave her just a drop of the juice of a lemon I was cooking with. 
I know, it wasn't terribly nice... but it was kinda funny. 
Hope everyone is having a great day!



Orange Veggies Delight!

Carrots, and squash, and sweet potatoes, oh my! We have an all out orange veggie eater! She loves her carrots- and squash- as much as her sweet potatoes. She continues to grow so fast- sometimes I do a double take when I see her in Brett's arms because she looks so BIG.  We were lucky/un-lucky enough to have visitors last week. Grandma and Grandpa Gibbs came to stay, and even though Grandma had to spend a few nights in the hospital (hence the unlucky part) we still enjoyed hanging out with grandpa and going to visit grandma. We're all happy that Amy is back home and doing well- although we hope they know they're allowed to visit when doctors aren't on the schedule! Madigan continues to be the highlight of our life- she is going from sitting to all-fours and shows absolutely NO desire to crawl (which we're encouraging- a placid child won't last long!) We did figure out that she does a lot more things at daycare than she does at home.... Hmm. I'm not sure if it's seeing other babies do it, or realizing that mom & dad are pushovers, or both. She is working on using a sippy cup a bit, and seems to be adjusting to the change in routine with Brett's final semester and her daycare schedule. We will be back in WaKeeney on Friday for Burns' Night at the Saloon. Hope to see you there! 


Sweet Potato!

We have ourselves a sweet potato eater! Incidentally after we fed her sweet peas, she had a hard time sleeping at night. Coincidence? I don't know... but we stopped the peas and back to sound sleeping! So... moved on to sweet potatoes. MMM.... Grandpa Randy would be SO proud!

She attacked them! She even wanted to lick out the bowl. Brett kept telling her, "If you like them this way, just wait until you can have them with butter and marshmallows!" 
We also had a good new years eve, and went over to a friends house for board games and baby talk. I have 2 friends who have babies born in July too. So here is a pic of Madigan and her little baby friends:
Giana is on the left, and Ryleigh is in the middle. Madigan is the oldest (by 6 days) and the biggest (by about 1 1/2 pounds!). This picture just cracks me up, because it completely defines how these babies are- Giana is such a go-getter and up crawling around. Ryleigh is so sweet and quiet and encouraging her. Madigan is just smiling and oblivious to it all! Too cute...
We will be back in WaKeeney again in a few weekends for "Burn's Night", so I'm working on my Toast To the Lads".
Lastly, Brett will start his LAST semester on Monday. His LAST first day of school. HOORAY!! Graduation is May 10th, so mark your calendars right now!
Hope everyone is well!