23 weeks and counting!

So just a quick update... I can't believe that Easter Sunday marks 23 weeks into this journey! The u/s picture is from our 2o week ultrasound. (Back when we didn't know she was a she!)
I wonder when I'm supposed to start on a nursery? Hmm... Seventeen weeks to go will quickly turn into 12 then 8 and knowing Brett and I, the guest room will remain as is... Then again, we work best under pressure! 
And I'm pretty sure she's going to be a gymnast! I can feel her wiggle and roll around, and tonight Brett felt her foot slide across my stomach. He said "OH MY GOD, that was a FOOT!" Yup, honey, it was, and you should feel it from the inside. Definitely one of the best feelings I have ever had.
And we have basically named her. Don't worry- we will keep ONE thing a surprise with this pregnancy... We definitely have our favorite name, and also a back up name just in case she doesn't look like our #1 choice. Amazingly I blurted out the first name one afternoon and Brett's instant reply was "I love it!" Then he said it paired with a middle name of his choice- perfect fit. Somehow, knowing she is a she made it easier to picture her and think of names... I guess we will know in July if her name stuck or not! :)