Madigan's Big Weekend

Big weekend for the Hille Family!! We drove back to WaKeeney late on Thursday night, and left Friday morning for Salina and "uncle Zac's" deployment ceremony. This was the last time Madigan, Brett & I get to see Zac until his return from Iraq next year sometime. I bet she will be much different the next time she sees her uncle (and Godfather) Zac, but we'll keep him posted with pictures and keep him in our bedtime prayers until he gets home safely! She has her own "my soldier" button we have fastened on her car seat so she can see uncle Zac every day! Then we went to the McPherson Scottish festival on Saturday, watched the pipe bands, saw some vendors, and walked around. Great festival- everyone should go next year if they get a chance! Finally Sunday we went to church and then down to the Hille's house for cake and home-made ice cream! Yummy!! Even Madigan's great-great-grandma Josephine ("Gram") made it down for the day- five generations in one picture sure doesn't happen very often. By Sunday night Madigan had seen her share of action for the weekend, had a mini-melt-down, and sacked out for the next 10 hours. Poor baby... She recuperated fine, and we're looking forward to a big weekend the first part of October with the whole Hille Clan venturing north to Kearney for some action. I'm sure there will be plenty of pics to post of next weekend as well!! 


Little Love

What a difference a week has made!
Not to jinx it, but Madigan has been sleeping for about 6-7 hour stretches each night this week. I think it has something to do with the fact that she has found her hands, and subsequently, her THUMBS! That's correct... we have a thumb-sucker on our hands! (All of my family reading this will not be surprised; and NO, I don't plan on letting her suck her thumb through second grade like I did...) We hear her over the baby monitor start to stir a bit, then the quiet sound of "suck, suck, suck..." and back to sleep she goes! She has even started swatting her pacifier out of her mouth so she can push her thumb in. It's taken her a bit to get used to her thumb though, because she has gagged herself a couple times but just kept right on shoving the thumb down her throat. We had to pull her fist out of her mouth and let her start over. She has also scratched her face a bit from the thumb sucking, so we'll be trying to keep the nails nice and short from now on. 
She's also getting over her first cold, and the mucus seemed to bother her dad a bit more than it bothered her. (He had mucus issues as a kid, and doesn't want her to go through the same routine!) She has a well-baby check up Friday the 19th. I've also survived going back to work, but day 1 wasn't pretty! I had to leave a screaming infant and a hesitant father at 5:45 in the morning and then worry about them for the next 12 1/2 hours! But everyone survived once Madigan got a little food in her tummy and a cuddle from her daddy in the recliner (their favorite place). I'm just trying to remember to be thankful that I have a job to go to and a healthy baby to support with the money I'm making; plus a wonderful husband to be taking care of all of us in the mean time. Somehow Brett thought I was crazy for suggesting we sell our house, by an RV and live at a KOA so we can afford for me to stay home with the baby... Hope everyone's weekend is great! We all send our love!


Time Flies!

Wow, time flies!! Madigan is 10 weeks old... and the love of our lives! She is sleeping pretty well, eating like a champ, and growing like a weed! She has been on quite a few road trips, and travels pretty well. She started daycare, and seems to really love her "teacher" Chris! We're getting big smiles and giggles from her too... with a little bit of work. She's definitely the love of our lives and we're so excited to see how much she's changing and growing before our very eyes! The picture is of her first day at "school". I'm not very excited to start back to work this week, but I know that Brett staying home with her 3 days a week is the best option we have. Madigan and her daddy are like peas and carrots- sometimes all she wants is her mommy, but a lot of the time, she looks around for her daddy to cuddle her! (I'm a little afraid of what they'll be "up to" while I'm away!). I'm hoping to update this site a little more often w/ pictures so that people can check here instead of me bothering everyone with e-mails all the time. Hope you're all doing fantastic! Love, Sarah