This is a little clip of Madigan using her sign language! 
Brett has to admit, he was NOT a believer in signing with babies when I first started. She has known how to say "more" for probably a month. She is working on "dada" and "dog" too! The correct sign for "star" (that's what we call those star-shaped gerber puffs) is both index fingers pointing up like you're pointing at the stars. She obviously doesn't have the dexterity to point one finger at a time, but you can't argue that she doesn't know what she's asking for. I'm alone while filming this video on my blackberry, so it's not like she can just mimic what I'm doing. I held still and offered her a star. She did the sign! Supposedly, using sign language can help babies communicate earlier and be less frustrated. It is so much fun to see her signing things that we're teaching her. 
I can only imagine that in a few years, she'll be giving us different "signs" with her hands that we won't be all that thrilled about...  Miss Attitude got in trouble for playing in the bathroom the other night. She wouldn't stop crawling into the bathroom and pulling herself up onto the tub.  I told her "no" and brought her back into the living room a few times, and the last time she crawled into the bathroom and sat on the floor mat. As I came around the corner to get her she looked up at me and shut the door in my face. With one little swing of the hand... I just stood there with my mouth hanging open and said to Brett, "She...just....shut....--right in my face!"  All he had to say was "First of many, dear. Get used to it..."  (I promise you that my parents are laughing hysterically as they read this. My mother's "I hope you get one just like YOU" has come to fruition!!!) When I opened the door, she sat there on the mat with a sweet-as-sugar grin like she knew what she was doing the whole time. I have convinced myself it was her version of peek-a-boo... Because 9 1/2 months is too young for an attitude! 

(ps, yes those are leg warmers. Watch out, Olivia Newton-John, Miss Hille is coming for you!)


(Almost) Wordless Wednesday!

Happy Earth Day!

First Grass Experience!

Yes she is!

Which is why THIS: (*gulp*)

Lead to all THIS:


Road Trippin' With My 2 Favorite Allies...

Brett would be so proud of me for quoting Chili Peppers in my title!! He loves the RHCP. But I digress...
We had our big road trip to KC this weekend, and survived! Madigan got a bit mad about the trip towards the end. But she did good! We ate at Grinders (more on that HERE).  I had a good time at the bachelorette party, and Madigan had a great time with her dad and uncle Brandon. When I got to the house the next morning, she was bathed, fed, and sleeping. (Uncle Brandon's house was, however, a bit of a jumble of toys and games). I knew those guys would take great care of her! It was my first night EVER not staying with her. I think that the first time we BOTH have to leave her, it will be a bit harder. But knowing she was in good hands made it easier! This weekend we will go back to Hays for a bridal shower. I'm sure that trip will yield some more internet-appropriate pictures! :) Have a great week!


Hoppy Easter!

The title was just a little bunny joke, in case you didn't catch it... :)
We had a great Easter with the little princess. I was a bit concerned that she might not wear her bonnet since she seemed to hate it, but she wore it long enough to get oohed and aahed at. All the traveling to and from WaKeeney seems to really get to her the older she gets, so we have started trying to time our trips around nap time and bedtime. 
Both Brett & I are nervous about the long trip to Kansas City this weekend, but I'm sure with plenty of breaks and snacks, we can get through it... 
Because I'm old, I can't remember if I have posted these other pictures or not. 
And because I'm too lazy to look back, you might just have to see them again. The first one is of Madigan peeking through a box at me. She loves boxes, remote controls, envelopes and discarded paper, and tags. Probably because they aren't the developmental toys that her daddy and I have spent so much money on. Diaper boxes are her favorite. She loves to jump in and have Brett pull her around the house. She's also very "into" this crawling-ish thing that she's learned, and screaming when she doesn't get her way. (Must get that from her father...)

The other picture is of an International Festival that UNK held this March. It was a festival for all the different ethnic groups at the University, and each country put up a booth so you could try food, learn about their culture and talk to the students. We had some WEIRD food, saw some awesome clothes, dances, and art work; and Madigan is now "cultured". She enjoyed the African dancers the most. She wanted her picture taken with them... (In case you can't tell which one she is, she's the small, white baby in the middle.)  
Otherwise we are just counting down the days to Brett's graduation, and he's still on the job hunt. Fortunately, he WILL be graduating in May. Unfortunately, in this economy there aren't many banks hiring new graduates these days. What's a guy to do? 

We hope you had a great Easter too!!


Entrepreneurial Adventures...

  I'm a professional photographer. 

That phrase seems like such a commitment. 
But I have committed and I'm official. Committed financially, emotionally, completely. The business cards are bought, I'm registering with the state of Nebraska, I'm opening a "doing-business-as" account with my bank; I am committed. I have accepted money for my work- that makes me professional. I am official
I should say, WE are official! 
You see, I have a "Company". 
Introducing CEO, Sarah Hille. (I'm also the editor, designer, lead photographer, receptionist, booking agent, and snot-and-drool wrangler- but all that information doesn't fit on the business card.) I also have a (sometimes not-so-silent) partner and Corporate Finance Officer- Brett Hille. Of course he's the CFO, and you can't call it nepotism- he will after all graduate with his business degree in a matter of weeks. He also wrangles snot on occasion, but he claims it wasn't in his job description when he signed up for this gig. I'd also like to introduce Madigan Hille, our resident model. She books up quickly folks- you gotta ask for her by name and well in advance. (like most models, she weighs around 20 pounds, and is finicky when she isn't properly "handled", fed, groomed and adored- so don't say you haven't been warned). 
There you have it- the core staff of Free Range Photography by Sarah Hille. 
We will be on the web (soon hopefully) at www.FreeRangePhoto.NET (right now, it's just my splash page). 
Do I need to elaborate on the Free Range name? 
My philosophy is photography in natural lights- few posed photos, and allowing people to stay in their comfortable environment. I travel to my clients so they can be in the environment that they're most comfortable with- which is important when my clientele is mainly newborns and small children. Keeping the photography natural, clean, and low-key is what I'm about. I also sign the rights of the pictures over once they're digitally edited, so my clients can print as many pictures as they want- I love to take pictures, not to print them. 
Are you sold yet?
Do you know someone who needs me? 
How about a few examples of what I'm about? 

Here is Brandi. She was 8 days old in these pictures, taken right in her own home!
Newborns are so much fun, and she is beautiful! I just love tiny toe pictures... I can't help it!

Meet Miles! At 6 weeks old he's quite alert.

He's very handsome...

and easy to photograph!

Here is Leo.
You just can't beat Leo's big blue eyes! Handsome little 3 month old...

Those are just a few shots to get by until I get my official web page loaded... 

So start spreading the word- 

Free Range is open for business!